CHRISTMAS 2020 IN MARBELLA Christmas 2020 is here! Spanish holiday season begins with the Feast of Immaculate Conception (December 8th) and ends with Three Kings’ Celebration (January 6th). This year, usual activities are modified to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep our families, friends and communities healthy and safe. EL PAIS informed “a meeting [...]

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The History of San Pedro de Alcántara: Reality, Utopia and Innovation.

The History of San Pedro de Alcántara: Reality, Utopia and Innovation.    ANCIENT ROOTS. San Pedro de Alcántara was born in 1861. Only 36 people lived there in 1860; a year later the number climbed to 530; today’s population is around 25,000 inhabitants.Of course, the roots go deeper and we can see it. The later [...]

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MARBELLA’S ARCHITECTS. “González & Jacobson Arquitectura”

Marbella's Architects. "Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura"  Marbella is the place where traditions and experience meet innovation. Local luxury residential architects deal with everything: from production of initial project and license applications to culminating in the site management and supervision of the final works. Expect anything you need: custom architectural design, quality house construction, bio-construction of [...]

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San Pedro de Alcántara Boulevard, Marbella.

New State-of-the-Art San Pedro Boulevard: Fascinating and Hugely Symbolic.  Roughly speaking, San Pedro de Alcántara has 2 urban areas. One is the charming Old Town with its gracious 19th century parish church, pedestrian Calle Marqués del Duero and narrow streets packed with intriguing small shops, sidewalk, cafés, bars and restaurants (read a new post later). [...]

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Puerto Banús. Just the way we like it…

Puerto Banús. Just the way we like it...   Thanks to its advantageous location, ‘Perlas del Mar’ allows you to enjoy everything best that Southern Spain can offer, including the legendary port Banús which is just 6 min away. Fabulous, hedonistic and celebrity-friendly Puerto Banús is one of the places to be on the planet [...]

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Education in Marbella, Spain.

Education in Marbella, Spain. Schools, Kindergartens and Universities. Make Your Choice!   With easy access to a wide range of services, leisure and entertainment options, ‘Perlas del Mar’ location is exceptionally convenient for everything else, including excellent choice of schools for your children. Nowadays, it is truly important to have an international way of thinking, speak languages, [...]

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San Pedro and its lovely promenade!

The finest facilities to be found in Southern Spain and unmatched services are available for the residents of ‘Perlas del Mar’. The delights of ‘Paseo Maritimo de San Pedro’ are among them … and literally just minutes away. The extremely attractive 12 km seafront promenade goes alongside the beach from San Pedro to Puerto Banus [...]

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Feria San Bernabé 2020

There is always something to do in Marbella, and there are plenty of options to enjoy life. People who live here like to celebrate, it doesn’t matter what: Spanish Semana Santa, Irish St Patrick’ Day, American Thanksgiving Day, Swedish Midsommar, good weather, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, even divorces. It seems like Marbella has been created to [...]

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Spain welcomes tourists from the 1st of July. The beach clubs are the ideal place to slow down, relax and enjoy the sun, crystal-clear waters, nice company, delicious food, refreshments and all the other pleasures of Spanish summer. What can be better than beach fun combined with ‘dolce far niente’, the ‘art of sweet doing [...]

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