STARLITE: Where music, culture and gastronomy coexist in one unique space.

Starlite: Where music, culture and gastronomy coexist in one unique space. Starlite Festival, which is now called Starlite Catalana Occidente, is one of the best boutique festival in Europe. This year, after 9 editions, it is the longest-lasting event in history (June 18 – Sept. 4) with more than 55 concerts. Being one of the [...]

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MARBELLA, HOT SPOT FOR CELEBRITIES  Marbella has been attracting celebrities, Europe’s elite and Arab nobility for decades, since Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe founded Marbella Club Hotel. He invited a Swiss-Russian-Mexican architect Noldi Schreck, who took part in Beverly Hills development, to work at the MCH image. Hollywood icons, such as Cary Grant, Elisabeth Taylor, Gary [...]

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MARBELLA’s INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES THE COMFORT OF STRANGERS Marbella becomes increasingly in vogue as a destination for international launches, events, luxury products unveiling and of course, as a wonderful place to live. One of the most cosmopolitan towns of Spain welcomes its residents of more than a hundred nationalities. It has healthy balance of nature [...]

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A PHENOMENON OF TAPAS Spanish cuisine is culturally diverse, has history and instils passion. From “retro” to modern, everything tastes authentic. The most traditional culinary delights are tapas served everywhere, from non-pretentious taverns to Michelin-star establishments. “Tapa” means lid. The origin of tradition is uncertain; several theories involve shepherds, kings, drunken sailors or resourceful [...]

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Mediterranean Lifestyle in Marbella

Mediterranean Lifestyle in Marbella. UNESCO Confirms. In 2020, Mediterranean diet was again awarded the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity designation. The word ‘diet’ comes from Greek ‘diaeta’, meaning ‘lifestyle’. It’s much more than just healthy food of the Mediterranean region. It’s culture that promotes social interaction, respect for land and biodiversity, preservation of traditional [...]

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AMUSEMENT PARKS and THINGS TO DO. Part 2. Today it’s difficult to have fun. However, Andalucía is seeing a decline in numbers of coronavirus infections, hospitalisations and deaths. January 6, 18 Andalusian municipalities came out of the perimeter closure measure; 8 Malaga inland towns left maximum alert level and reopened businesses. We keep writing a [...]

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AMUSEMENT PARKS and THINGS TO DO. Part 1. Scientists determine that human thoughts are material. Having dreams and plans for our future help reduce stress level and improve health. That’s why we publish this post when Marbella has come to a standstill. Our municipality has never seen such a high level of Covid-19 infection during [...]

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CHRISTMAS 2020 IN MARBELLA Christmas 2020 is here! Spanish holiday season begins with the Feast of Immaculate Conception (December 8th) and ends with Three Kings’ Celebration (January 6th). This year, usual activities are modified to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep our families, friends and communities healthy and safe. EL PAIS informed “a meeting [...]

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The History of San Pedro de Alcántara: Reality, Utopia and Innovation.

The History of San Pedro de Alcántara: Reality, Utopia and Innovation.    ANCIENT ROOTS. San Pedro de Alcántara was born in 1861. Only 36 people lived there in 1860; a year later the number climbed to 530; today’s population is around 25,000 inhabitants.Of course, the roots go deeper and we can see it. The later [...]

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MARBELLA’S ARCHITECTS. “González & Jacobson Arquitectura”

Marbella's Architects. "Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura"  Marbella is the place where traditions and experience meet innovation. Local luxury residential architects deal with everything: from production of initial project and license applications to culminating in the site management and supervision of the final works. Expect anything you need: custom architectural design, quality house construction, bio-construction of [...]

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