Mediterranean Lifestyle in Marbella. UNESCO Confirms.

In 2020, Mediterranean diet was again awarded the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity designation.

The word ‘diet’ comes from Greek ‘diaeta’, meaning ‘lifestyle’. It’s much more than just healthy food of the Mediterranean region. It’s culture that promotes social interaction, respect for land and biodiversity, preservation of traditional and craft activities connected with agriculture and fishing. It plays a vital role in cultural spaces, festivals and celebrations, bringing together people of all ages, conditions and social classes.

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes values of hospitality, neighbourliness, intercultural dialogue and creativity. It involves a set of skills, knowledge, rituals and symbols concerning crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, and consumption of food. including ceramic plates and glasses. Wine has its place in the standard Mediterranean food pyramid. It’s a key part of the Spanish diet and Spaniards pay less alcohol tax than anywhere in Europe.


Would you like to live life that is considered cultural heritage of humanity? Welcome to ‘Perlas del Mar’ then! Southern Spain will give you an unmatched living experience.

Imagine, you wake up on a beautiful sunny morning, practice yoga on your large terrace or work out in your own gym, jog along Paseo Maritimo enjoying scenic vistas and soft breeze. The sea is literally just minutes away!

You can sip an iconic coffee embracing Andalusian charm of pretty plazas of San Pedro centre or narrow, picture-perfect streets with orange trees and traditional geranium on the window sills of the authentic whitewashed houses. Have breakfast ‘in style’ in a chic café of glamorous Puerto Banus, one of Europe’s most exciting marinas overlooking the African coast. It’s a way of life… and just minutes away from your home.

Local sandy beaches boast the Blue Flags, while beach clubs are a hedonistic home to outrages events, rival to those in St. Tropez and Miami.

Enjoy quality family time, attractions of San Pedro Boulevard, colourful street markets, world-class golf courses, SPAs, intriguing art galleries, boutiques and handicraft shops, sailing, fishing, horse-riding…you name it!

Daytime excursions, activities and trips, exhilarating adventures and fun experience for kids and adults, amusement and theme parks – the location is advantageous and you will never feel bored!

With a glass of champagne, watch those stunning Mediterranean sunsets from your own garden. Feast your eyes on foaming waves of bougainvillea in your garden, soak up the sun’s energy in the comfort of your private solarium. Throw a cool-pool-party for your kids, host an unforgettable BBQ for your friends.


The world-famous Mediterranean lifestyle values good food, good drink and good company. “Throughout the Mediterranean basin, eating together is the foundation of the cultural identity, a moment of social exchange and communication, an affirmation of family and friends”, informs us UNESCO. Where can you savour delicious healthy meals paired with excellent wine if you live in ‘Perlas del Mar’? The choice is yours: an exquisite dining room or al fresco dining terrace of your high-end villa, superb local tapas-bars, sidewalk cafes and beach bars – chiringuitos of San Pedro, mountain gourmet-villages or outstanding international ‘haute cuisine’ restaurants (12 are Michelin star-awarded in 2020).

When the sun goes down into the sea, gather your family in a cozy lounge, or go dancing, meet friends, play at Casino… Celebrate life in all its glory! You deserve a perfect home to enjoy the new signature Mediterranean contemporary lifestyle, don’t you?