‘Perlas del Mar’ Villas tick all the boxes.

Some contemporary design trends from 2020 continue to influence the tendencies for 2021 and beyond, but also expect some changes. Today we share the insights and predictions of trend experts and high-profile world designers.

There are a few key trends for 2022 and beyond: nature, health, open design, environmental-friendly, intelligent technologies.” Ben Wu, winner of Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award.

  • Symbiosis between architecture and nature.

– American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) consider biophilic design, which focuses on our innate connection with nature, a reflection of modern architects’ competence. It’s all about incorporating natural materials, and bringing outdoors in and indoors out. Everyone ‘goes Mediterranean’ now.

“Outdoor space is a key part of any home, we spend more time outside; gardens, terraces or patios are extensions of our living space providing us with spaces to relax, along with the possibility to remain social,” Hayley Robson, Day True, UK.

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient, ‘Perlas del Mar’ Villas have plenty of outdoor space.

– “This year’s garden trends are reflecting interior design trends, functional and beautiful”, informs Homes & Gardens. Get rid of fake plants (popular in decor in Spain), they are tacky and bring no energy of life into home.

  • Beauty is in simplicity.

“Design of 2022 focuses on people, their need for comfort, feeling well and free, hence focus on simple, understandable design.” Rodion Goncharov, Rubarb Digital.

For 2022, we expect to continue seeing minimalist styles featuring neutral hues and lots of mood-boosting greenery,” Alick Burnett, Blooming Artificial, UK. ‘Japandi’ style will stay in fashion. It mixes harmonious Japanese minimalism with Scandi cool design offering functionality and timeless elegant aesthetic. Searches for this look have sky-rocketed, and style is growing in popularity.

– When it comes to interiors, comfort and creating one’s own world is a key theme, whether it’s Italian La Dolce Vita or Scandinavian Hygge.

“The main macro trend is expressing individuality in home décor”, professes Italian Bark. A chic, sophisticated home of 2022 means the ultimate spaces in which to sprinkle some design flair: LED ceiling light, pool mosaics, contemporary art that has power to transform interiors in an instant, statement objects set to bring much-needed ‘joie de vivre’ to this year’s decorating.

  • Trends don’t disappear overnight.

According to US designer Julie Assenberg, “Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, panoramic windows, open plan concept, flow-through spaces, natural tones and materials at their simplest stay. Clutter-free, breezy, sleek living spaces is a must”. Frilly draped curtains and Old World opulence are relics of the past.

  • Natural materials are gaining momentum.

The move away from silk and sheen-textured fabrics continues; designers focus heavily on linen, wool, rattan and timbers. “They are hot now, bringing warmth and honesty to a scheme, and aging beautifully”, Olaf Thulstrup, Scandi Design.

  • Latest interiors colour trend goes towards warm, earthy neutrals.

The last years, grey dominated the neutral palette. But sandy shades are back, and designers found themselves increasingly drawn towards the warmer, friendlier tones of oatmeal and stonewashed linen. Think earthy jute, hemp, canvas, wood … like in ‘Perlas del Mar’.

  • The epitome of a luxurious modern home is a property with amenities that allow to feel well and lavished upon. “A private exercise or entertainment space has always been an important consideration, but unsurprisingly the trend has gained a lot of momentum after 2020”, Gensler Dallas, USA. 2021 brings growth for home gyms, cinemas, games and wine rooms, Zen and yoga areas. Villas’ roof terraces and large basements have space for sports and family fun.

As you can see, from sustainable materials, greenery and elegant open space to celebration of individuality and uniqueness, ‘Perlas del Mar’ fulfils all the necessary requirements.